Smile to the Max with IPS e.max Smile to the Max with IPS e.max
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Angelo: A smile of his own

New Jersey native Angelo works for a Virginia Beach dental laboratory. One would then assume he'd have an amazing smile, and he does… but it wasn't always like that.

Angelo describes his old smile as "raggedy," like a jack-o-lantern. "If I bit into a pumpkin, I'd make a better smile than if you cut it yourself," he jokes. But his fear of dental procedures – especially those dreaded needles – took its toll, and Angelo gave up ever having his own fabulous smile. He figured he would eventually need dentures and was planning on just getting his teeth pulled as needed.

Resigned to removables

Angelo lost many of his natural teeth to poor diet and improper dental care. He also had a bad dental experience that landed him nine stitches in his mouth. After a while, he decided it was just better to pull the teeth rather than save them. This left Angelo with structural changes in his mouth, and he thought this meant he was denture-bound.

So what changed his mind? E.max®. Angelo's dental team worked with him to find a method that would be as gentle as possible, but the e.max product is what finally convinced him to fix his teeth. The strength and durability of the product were extremely important, and now that his e.max teeth are in place, all he needs to do to maintain his new smile is to go in for periodic cleanings. Angelo doesn't have to worry about his teeth anymore, nor does he have to keep going back to get his teeth pulled, one by one.

Another attribute of e.max that was important to Angelo is that it is an all-ceramic product, it isn't metal-based to irritate to his sensitive skin. Also, e.max doesn't always require extensive tooth preparation -- much of the natural tooth structure is possible to maintain.

Angelo's Big Bite

How has e.max changed his life? Well, Angelo is a big guy, with a big appetite. "I love a good steak," he boasts. Before he couldn't eat it, or he could only chew with his front teeth. But with e.max, he now can chew with his entire mouth. "I get to enjoy food again. I like apples, and like I said, steak. A sandwich is scared of me now."

Angelo is most excited to show off his new e.max smile. "I get a lot of compliments on my smile," he comments. There are no longer open slots and gaps, no metal in his mouth. Because his smile is so great, Angelo is eager to refer others to get their own e.max restorations. "I've got a line of folks that want to get work done."

Based on Angelo's fabulous smile, it's not surprising that so many people now want their own e.max smiles – for esthetics, for health, for eating!

Sandwiches, you've been warned.