Smile to the Max with IPS e.max Smile to the Max with IPS e.max

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View Maggie's restoration storyMeet Maggie

At the age of 36, Maggie had already spent many years longing for new teeth.Maggie's Story

View Susie's restoration storyMeet Susie

After speaking with her dentist, Susie decided that IPS e.max® was the right decision for her. Now she can’t stop smiling and loving her e.max smile!Susie's Story

View Elvira's restoration storyMeet Elvira

IPS e.max® enabled Elvira to move past the physical discomfort of sensitivity. She now shows off her smile as often as she can in her beauty and fashion blogs. Elvira's Story

View Cameon's restoration storyMeet Carmen

Carmen now has a beauty pageant-worthy smile. But more importantly, she has winning confidence only e.max could give her.Carmen's Story

View Dane's restoration storyMeet Dane

For Dane, IPS e.max® didn't just change his smile, it literally changed his entire life. Something as seemingly small as dental work radically transformed his career path, his family and his personal outlook. Dane's Story

View Tim's restoration storyMeet Tim

When Tim decided to correct his teeth with e.max, he found that it's not only his smile that is shining brightly now. Tim's Story

View Jeanne's restoration storyMeet Jeanne

One little tooth caused Jeanne to feel held back in a big way. But her new e.max smile lets her feel like a whole, complete person.Jeanne's Story

View Jana's restoration storyMeet Jana

Jana's new e.max smile satisfies both her passion for beauty and her desire for better dental health.Jana's Story

View Von's restoration storyMeet Von

IPS e.max gave Von the chance to get back what his high school football career took away. So now his smile is the brightest one on the field...the oil field.Von's Story

View Christie's restoration storyView Dane's restoration storyMeet Christie

Christie decided it was time to update her smile after having the same veneers since she was a young girl. With e.max, now she has a brighter smile, one that is truly a reflection of the happy person she is today!Christie's Story

View Angelo's restoration storyMeet Angelo

Angelo has a big personality and a big appetite! With his new e.max smile, nothing is holding him back from enjoying everything he loves. Like a good steak.Angelo's Story

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