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Dane: Rebuilding his smile, rebuilding his life

Dane is from Boise, Idaho – small town America, not necessarily the place you'd imagine a person would begin an enormous journey. But starting with his e.max® restorations, Dane has made an epic sojourn from where his life was before.

Dane was a homebuilder who fell on very hard times when the economy failed in 2008. He went from prosperity to the brink of disaster. He was about to lose everything he worked so hard for – hundreds of thousands of dollars, his home, his vehicles, and most importantly, his family. And what he did lose may have been the most essential thing of all – his confidence. But fate led him to meet someone during a remodeling project that put him on the path to complete transformation. This person told him about how his smile was directly related to confidence, and Dane realized that he needed to restore his confidence first before he could repair anything else in his life that was broken.

Investing in himself

Despite having lost everything and being nearly destitute, he decided to fix his smile. And even though he was on the brink of divorce, his wife still believed in him and they decided to save the money he needed to correct his teeth. Dane had been hiding behind a closed mouth for years. His smile was yellow and his teeth were literally falling apart due to sports injuries and poor dental care.

It was very important to Dane that, if he was going to make this investment in himself at a time when the sacrifice was greatest, he wanted the materials to be the absolute best. His dentist chose e.max for Dane, telling him, "It's called e.max and it changes everything!" That's exactly what Dane was looking for. He knew e.max was going to be perfect for him, as he needed something durable to keep up with his active lifestyle.

Life-changing ... and changing lives

Now as a dental technician himself, Dane has come to further appreciate many other aspects of e.max. Dane remarks, "e.max is a great product to work with. Not only is it beautiful in the laboratory, but it's beautiful in the mouth. It allows us, as artists, to recreate life in a third dimension, and it makes a realistic restoration. You're not faking anything. You are putting a tooth together with those products, and it is amazing."

Dane has had a remarkable journey, and his e.max smile literally saved his life. He used to be a guy who built homes, and now he's a guy who builds smiles. And his smile was the first! Going from losing everything to having it all is a tremendous feat-- his family is together, he has gone all over the world to practice his new passion as a dental technician, and now he is even an award winning Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion! Only being in his early 30s, who knows what else is in store for Dane.

But he probably says it best, what e.max gave to him: "I used to build homes, but to be an artist now and to be able to help people, it's the most fulfilling thing I've done." Because Dane worked so hard to get his own e.max smile and saw the change it made for him, he now enjoys giving others the same durable, long-lasting, beautiful and quality e.max smile that transformed his life.