Smile to the Max with IPS e.max Smile to the Max with IPS e.max
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Maggie: Smiling Longer and More Often

At the age of 36, Maggie had already spent many years longing for new teeth; talking about seeing a dentist for a new smile; and planning for the day when she would finally get the nice white teeth she’d always dreamed of. She knew exactly what she wanted—veneers, and she was ready to get them.

Something More Was Needed

But Maggie’s smile problems involved more than just her not liking how her smile looked and wanting whiter and brighter teeth. At such a young age, she suffered from severe tooth wear, discoloration, and breakdown. Even her dentist, Dr. David Juliani, was surprised when he first met her at how advanced her condition had become.

In fact, what Maggie needed was something she wasn’t at all used to: teeth that were longer and functioned properly; teeth that were strong and stable; and teeth that were full, white, bright, and esthetic. To accomplish everything that would give Maggie a smile as youthful as she really was, her dentist said IPS e.max would fit the bill.

No Need for Compromises

Maggie’s dentist explained that IPS e.max is his go-to choice for 95% of the cases he restores, whether the treatments are in the front or the back of a patient’s mouth. That’s because IPS e.max allows him and other dentists to provide patients with every type of treatment they want—both in terms of function and esthetics.

In the past and with other materials, dentists and their patients would have to compromise and sacrifice one demand—such as strength, for another—such as life-like and beautiful esthetics. With IPS e.max, there wouldn’t be any compromises to Maggie’s new smile.

Yes, Maggie, They’re Meant for You

When it was time for Maggie to receive her new IPS e.max smile, she was initially in shock. When her dentist revealed her new smile to her, she couldn’t believe how good her new teeth looked, or that they were really hers!

“When my dentist asked me what I thought of my new smile, I just questioned everything,” Maggie says. “Oh my goodness, I said these couldn’t be my teeth, because after having such worn down and discolored teeth, my new teeth seemed so long.”

But her dentist assured her that yes, they were her teeth making up her beautiful smile. Since then, Maggie radiates confidence and feels she is more approachable because is constantly smiling. In fact, even her husband has said that he can’t recall a time when he’s seen Maggie smile so often.

“IPS e.max changed my life, and I would do it all over again,” Maggie says. “And, I would encourage everybody who wants a beautiful smile to do it, too.”