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Elvira: A Subtle Smile Transformation

Everything about Elvira’s happy life in a suburb of Houston, TX was perfect. A year ago, she started a successful fashion blog, Fashion Rowe, that showcases her aesthetic skills. She enjoyed the confidence this gave her, but one thing was still missing: a healthy smile.

As a fashion and beauty blogger, she recognized the usefulness of maintaining a dazzling smile for her chosen industry. Because a smile draws people in and is the first thing they notice, it was important that her own be as healthy and charming as possible. On top of that, attractiveness wasn’t the only reason she dwelled on her smile.

Elvira was plagued by sensitivity from grinding her teeth for years. Combined with this frustrating discomfort was the difficulty of maintaining a white smile. Her twin loves for coffee and wine made constant upkeep a necessity and she was tired of using the traditional whitening kits.

Taking the Plunge for a Healthy Smile

Once Elvira made her decision to improve her smile, there was no looking back. Though the people she told about her plans were confused because her teeth appeared straight and white to them, she sought a cosmetic dentist in her area who also happened to be the husband of a close friend. This lucky coincidence boosted her determination to invest in her smile. She had heard great things about his skills and went into the consultation with excitement.

Her doctor sealed the deal when he began to discuss the benefits of e.max®. After hearing about the durability and high quality of the material, she found it easy to make the choice to move forward with veneers. The treatment went smoothly and left her more confident and self-assured than ever.

The Subtle Beauty of a Natural Smile

With the treatment completed, Elvira was able to cast aside short-term whitening fixes and flourish in her daily life without distracting sensitivity. She updated her smile primarily for herself because she wanted the transformation to be as subtle as possible.

“A lot of the people I didn’t share that I was doing the veneers with did not notice, which is a good thing,” said Elvira. “Because if people were like ‘Oh my gosh, what did you do to your teeth?’ I would have thought it didn’t look natural.”

She surprised many of her blog readers when she posted about the experience. They told her how they never would have known she had the veneers and were amazed by how natural they looked. The friends she did tell about the e.max veneers beforehand immediately noticed how much whiter her teeth were.

E.max enabled Elvira to move past the physical discomfort of sensitivity. She now shows off her smile as often as she can in her beauty and fashion blogs. An e.max smile is the perfect compliment to every new wardrobe!