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Tim: Investing in Himself Yields Big Returns

Tim, from the Chicago area, is a family guy who puts his family's needs before his own. But last year, he realized that he needed to do something for himself. His smile was holding him back both professionally and personally, so with the support of his wife, Tim decided to "improve his look."

Tim's Turn

After more than 20 years of putting his wife and four children first, why now did he decide to fix his smile? For his family, of course. Tim rose up the corporate ladder into a management position, and he realized that he needed to improve his professional appearance. Unfortunately, he felt that his teeth detracted from his ability to deliver presentations and lead meetings. He had 20 year old bonding that had become worn and stained over time, and he felt his apprehension with his teeth was hindering his job performance. Tim recalls, "It was always the monkey on my back, my teeth. I never smiled. And your audience can tell what your demeanor is."

After talking to his wife, he met with a dentist who put his fears to rest, including financial. While it was somewhat of an investment, Tim was able to budget the expense and begin the procedure that would start yielding some pretty big professional and personal returns.

Tim's doctor discussed with him the quality reputation of e.max®. And while he is usually a self-proclaimed "middle-of-the-road" kind of guy with most of his expenditures, when it came to his health, Tim heeded the recommendation of his dentist to go with the best -- e.max. It's long-lasting and durable – an important factor for Tim so that he'll have his e.max smile for a very long time. And he felt like e.max would help him be a more confident speaker, especially with the natural look of his new smile. "I didn't want to have "those Chicklets teeth," he joked.

Tim already feels that he's got a terrific return on his investment. He's not self-conscious in speaking anymore. He has become an even more engaging speaker and upper management has taken notice. Tim shares, "It's fantastic when you get your higher up guy to pat you on the shoulder and say 'Nice job.'"

Learning to smile all over again

But that's not the only return Tim is seeing from his new e.max smile. It's the enhanced relationship he has with his wife and kids. He laments that he's never smiled in family pictures before, "It's been about 20 years of not smiling on purpose, so I am still learning how to smile. It's a whole new world." Now he feels more relaxed in all sorts of social situations including things that the family does together, and is more confident talking and socializing with people. But he says that the most important person to him-- his wife -- probably loves his new e.max smile most. And that makes him very happy.

Tim is no longer held back by a less-than-perfect smile. He shines, not only for himself, but for his family. E.max didn't change Tim, it just allowed him to be the person he really is inside.