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Christie: A new second-half smile

Christie, from Seattle, WA, didn't have to be persuaded to try veneers – she has had them since she was 13 years old. Her two upper baby lateral incisors fell out (the teeth next to her front teeth), but her permanent ones did not follow. This led to large gaps, which three-and-a-half years of braces did not entirely correct. The gaps were gone, but the teeth now next to her front ones were pointy cuspids, not the full-sized lateral incisors they should have been. So, the veneers went on and the 13 year old Christie was very happy with her corrected smile which lasted a long time.

But time marches on, and slowly Christie became less enamored with her smile. Her gums started to recede a bit, revealing her decades-old dental work. And her mouth structure had matured as time went on, so the smile wasn't a perfect fit more than 20 years later. Given her familiarity with the dental industry, and as someone who keeps on top of the "latest and greatest," Christie started having conversations with her dentist about a smile update. When she reached a milestone birthday, she resolved to make the change. Christie explains, "I hit 40 years old and decided, 'Let's go for an updated smile!'"

Everything she wanted and more

Christie discussed what she was looking for in her next set of veneers. She wanted strength. She wanted beauty. She wanted the best. Without hesitation, her dentist recommended e.max®, which was going to give Christie everything she wanted – durability, longevity and natural realism. Christie did some research herself and became excited about the product and what it was going to do for her.

Her new e.max smile was an improvement on her previous dental work and she was thrilled with the new shaping that was more narrow and longer. But it was the strength and durability that really impressed Christie -- she loves the ability to eat whatever she wants without worry.

In addition, there isn't any maintenance other than routine hygiene, unlike temporary cosmetic changes from teeth whitening. And quality is something that is very important to Christie - she knew the premium nature of e.max was something that was worth it to her. She feels confident that her e.max smile will stay put for a very long time!

A beautiful, confident smile

While the cosmetic changes to her smile were somewhat subtle, the change for Christie – personally – was tremendous. She sees herself as a happy person anyway, but with her new e.max smile, she is even more confident in all the things she does daily. Even as a stay-at-home mom, her children notice the difference in her smile and she notes the extra vigor for all life brings. And, as she enters into the latest chapter of her life, she couldn't be happier upgrading that teenage dental work for her brand new, grown up, e.max smile, "As I am starting the second part of my life I am looking at a lot of different things in a different light. With my new smile, it's a big confidence boost!"