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No Regrets About Her Long-Awaited Smile

Imagine your dental journey beginning long before your baby teeth even erupt. That’s how it was for Susie, whose severely dark and tetracycline-stained teeth resulted from the commonly prescribed antibiotic she was treated with when she was a baby. As her permanent teeth erupted, their tips appeared white, but the remaining tooth structure came through darker.

Over and over again—from all of the dentists she’d seen throughout her life—Susie repeatedly heard that her teeth were the darkest or second-to-the-darkest they’d ever seen. As a result, Susie would often smile with her hand over her mouth, or with her head tipped downward to conceal her smile. “Sometimes I wouldn’t smile at all out of fear of what people would think of me because of my teeth,” Susie admits.

Masking the Darkness

When she was a teenager, Susie’s mother and father graciously had her teeth veneered to mask the discoloration. “The veneers were great, but they broke all the time, so it seemed like I was always at the dentist’s having my teeth fixed,” Susie says.

Then, while she was in college, her parents said it was time for her teeth to be “capped.” She thought having full-coverage crowns on the eight teeth in her smile zone was life changing, and those original crowns functioned well for the majority of Susie’s life—from 1986 until 2017.

Continuing Her Smile Search

It was in January of 2016—when Susie needed a second root canal—that she resumed her dental journey. “Looking back, the original crowns were super opaque, very bulky and thick, and almost like horse teeth,” explains a now more dentally educated Susie.

She researched different dentists in her Omaha, Nebraska, area who focused on cosmetic dentistry and ultimately selected Dr. Michael Sesemann. “He made me feel important, listened to me, and treated me as an individual,” Susie says. “It was based on my dental needs that he told me about IPS e.max Zirconia that would allow me to have everything I needed in my new crowns—strength, durability, color, and texture—all in one product.”

The Best of the Best

After such a long time of wanting a beautiful smile, Susie is so glad she put her trust in Dr. Sesemann, his world-renowned ceramist Lee Culp, and IPS e.max Zirconia. Her new teeth look authentic and natural in every respect—shape, color, size, and texture.

“When I first saw my new smile, I just wanted to cry because it’s a reflection of me, and I just love my IPS e.max ZirCAD teeth,” Susie says. She also loves that she’ll be the mother-of-the-bride with an awesome smile when her oldest daughter gets married in May.

“You will not regret having a beautiful smile,” Susie promises. “Do your homework, and work with a dentist you feel very comfortable and confident with, and who listens to you to know which options—like IPS e.max—are best for you.”